Chatbot Development for Facebook Messenger

Chatbot Development for Facebook Messenger

CorezoidDevelopment of a universal chatbot for all messengers: FB, Skype, Viber, Telegram, Slack, etc.
CloudUse cloud technologies to integrate chatbot with company systems
Machine learningclassification and recognition in bots
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Chat-bot platform Facebook Messenger has more than 1.2 billion active users per month, and one of the most advanced set of functions for developers. Chat-bots are built on the basis of personal messages with a public page on behalf of the user.

Bots in Facebook are of a functional type, and can interact with the user with text messages, buttons and elements. They can, if necessary, redirect the dialogue to the operator, or invoice for payment.

Buttons are used for sending messages that require user response (answer to bot, go to URL on the Internet, or switch the dialogue to a real person operator).

Elements serve to display cards of goods or something that has a similar structure. For example, a photo of a product with a name/price/short description.

Accounts allow chat bots to be as an online store.

Wide functionality makes Facebook an excellent platform for hosting bots. But such a bot will have limited rights, and it will not be able to initiate a dialogue independently with subscribers or with other users. The user needs to find the bot himself, which excludes the possibility of mass-mailings, polls and other communication opportunities.

How to develop a bot for Facebook?

Developing a bot on the cloud-based framework Corezoid

— Bot with integration into internal systems, speech recognition, with the ability to migrate to all platforms

Kwizbot chatbot builder

— SaaS of Evergreen for creating cross-platform bots with open API

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