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Telegram is one of the first systems to open its API for creating bots. The user Telegram can see when the communication will be conducted by the bot, there is a requirement of the system - the name of the bot, it should end with the word "bot". You can control the bots in Telegram through a special bot, the dad of all bots is BotFather - it is used to create bots, manage them, and describe them.

Telegram can also accept payments directly in the bot and this function is already working now.

Chat telegram Telegram offers useful functions: translation, commenting, searching for information, playing video and audio, you can embed in bot games, and much more. Bots can be added to the group (Add To Group), or they can be "Share" (Share) as the most common accounts.

A special botanical analytics system was developed for Botan. This is the metric of the "Yandex" applications, grounded under the Telegram bots.

When developing bots, you can use the functionality of standard Telegram bots.

Inline-mode allows users to call the bot from any other dialog. In the chat, you can enter a message with the name of the bot, and then the request itself, the bot will open directly in the dialog, and prompt you to select the actions, and the result will be immediately sent to the person with whom you are interacting.

How to develop a bot for Telegram?

Developing a bot on the cloud-based framework Corezoid

— Bot with integration into internal systems, speech recognition, with the ability to migrate to all platforms

Kwizbot chatbot builder

— SaaS of Evergreen for creating cross-platform bots with open API

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