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Best Voice-based Chatbots: Abilities, Integration & Comparison

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In an effort to grow their business, entrepreneurs look for cutting-edge ways to stay ahead of competitors, like implementing new technologies.  A voice-based chatbot is one of them.  

When it’s inconvenient to type or text, you can make it easier for customers to interact with your business, with just voice.  Click here to read this article and get more information on how to leverage your business with a voice chatbot.

Top Voice Chatbot Features:

Top Voice Chatbot Features

Call or send messages and emails Take notes
Create to-do and shopping lists Get helpful information (weather, data from Internet sources, etc.)
Place an order through online stores Play music, videos and podcasts
Set an alarm or reminder Convenient customer service

These are just a few examples, the system has several other capabilities.  Developers are able to add most features similar to a text-based chatbot when creating a voice-based chatbot.  

If you want to find out more about business chat bots, click here to read our review.

Have you considered improving your client communications through messenger? This can help expand your business capabilities and mobile traffic.  A voice-based chatbot can consult with your customers, answer repetitive questions, and provide them with important information.

Chatbot Integration

Chatbot Integration

You’ll see artificial intelligence chat bots on many platforms like, smart speakers, messaging apps, smartwatches, different appliances, mobile operating systems, and even cars.

This technology can also be integrated with a website, payment system, CMS, CRM, and other internal systems.  A voice-based chatbot can find information related to purchase history, current products available, pricing, and buying goods & services.  You can ask a bot to search for something on Google and select the most relevant results to purchase.

The World’s Top Chatbots  

Google voice chatbot. The quick and effective Google voice chatbot analyzes your mail and search history to provide high-quality services. The system can manage your notes, messages, and plays music.

google voice chatbot

Amazon Alexa. A favorite chatbot known for its extended functionality. It provides different information, places orders in stores and even reads news from sources.

Amazon Alexa

Apple Siri. It’s a popular example that makes busy people’s lives easier. You can ask the assistant to do various tasks, like calling, sending messages, playing music & video, etc.  

Apple Siri

Inspired by these examples, Evergreen specialists have built a simple voice chatbot demo, using Google Speech API and Dialogflow. The main advantage is that you can control the dialogue logic in Dialogflow, without the need to reinstall the bot on other devices.  Check out this article to see how the voice-based chatbot works.

We can add any functionality listed above, integrate it with different systems, like messengers, and teach it various user interaction and scenarios.

Contact us if you’re interested in a voice-based or text chatbot for your project or business.

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