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If you have a developing project that needs to be supported or an outdated site that perfectly performs its functions, but requires refreshment and redesign, you should order design support and UI refreshment by Evergreen Order Support Design | Evergreen 7

Design support is a type of service for design, redesign, and UX/UI improvement of the website, service, or product. It is required in cases when problems after the design completed by other developers occur; there is no own design department; expertise of an experienced team is needed; continuous design improvements are needed; the project has rapid scalability. Our team has experience in more than 100 projects and a third of our project clients order further support at Evergreen. We will be happy to start working on a new project and make it better together with you.

The most frequent orders for design support are banners, landing pages, and minor website improvements. We also create different covers for the home page depending on the season and holidays; they contain animations and small interactive elements that engage visitors. Some case illustrations created for our regular customers you will find below.

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design support

What does design support include?

Any project needs constant development, the so-called continuous design improvement - when a project develops evolutionarily and continuously. We already wrote about why you need to redesign every five years, but in addition to the complete redesign, making constant mini-improvements is very important. Below we listed the design support services that you will get when working with the Evergreen team.

Minor UI Improvements

Any site or service should be continuously evolving. Even if you have a perfect site design, in the long run, you might want to add or remove elements or your competitors might get a new feature that you don’t have; or a new trend with gradients and illustrations takes over the world, and you don’t want to stand aside. Our clients purchase different types of design support: it can be a new review box, a new internal page, redesign of an inconvenient menu, a contact form with better conversion rate, or mobile UX improvements. Moreover, the initiative may come either from the client or from us, should we notice any inconvenience or possible ways for improving the user experience.

Marketing Materials

Marketing materials are our regular contracts for design support. It includes advertising banners - static and animated, the design of letters for newsletters, the design of banners for Facebook, Instagram, and other sites. We consider tasks of that kind as mini-projects and follow the process of design creating, as we described in this article. This can be the selection of illustrations (mood boards), choice of style, a concept development, and after that, the design of the remaining elements.

Landing Page Creation

Creating landing pages for an existing service, site, or product is another type of design support service. They are necessary for seasonal marketing activities, emerging services and products and to increase conversion on the main site. We create landing pages using the Tilda site builder; it is an excellent tool for quickly creating landing pages, blogs, and promotional pages. In addition to the fact that the use of this resource saves time and money for development, it allows you to easily create animations that will attract the attention of your users.

UX Audit and Improvement

UX audit is another type of design support services. We check all the website (and its mobile version) pages separately to identify and write out all discrepancies that can negatively affect the user experience. We test the convenience and consistency of navigation when using the site, shopping carts, the stages of order placement, site search, the comfort of elements arrangement, whether all buttons easy to click, and links are working, whether there are no dead-end tracks. The document containing all the need-to-be-fixed details, as well as our interface-improving ideas and hypotheses (for example, by adding some elements and functions), comes as an audit result.


The cost of design support depends on many factors, so we always calculate it individually. First of all, it is calculated based on the developers’ hourly rates, so the cost of a particular job varies depending on the amount of work. You can read more about the support process here.

After signing the contracts for design support, you can set tasks for our designers; they will evaluate the works in hours, and carry them out in the specified time. We send a report on completed tasks at the end of the month, and all you need to do is to look through it, make the agreement and pay the necessary cost until the 10th day of the next month. You pay only for the work that you agreed upon, meaning that if there was no design support, then you do not pay anything.

Tell us more about your project, its scope, and your wishes, and we will be happy to assess it for you. Feel free to email us.


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