Reviewed by Andrei Butenko

1. How did you choose the web-studio, with which agencies did you compare us to, why did you choose us? What difficulties did you have when choosing a web agency?

Actually you were advised by Yuri Gorban. Since it is impossible to objectively evaluate your qualifications, not having deep knowledge in this field, we relied on the refernce from the man who we already trusted in solving other issues.

2. What in our interaction did you like most?

You delve into the customer's needs, deep-thinking, ask a lot of reasonable questions. And now we have an outcome closest to what we wanted originally.

3. What has been your biggest disappointment working with us?

The sudden price increase.

4. What business result did you get? What changed as a whole in your business since you’ve been working with us?

We’ve grown thanks to a decent site, corresponding to modern design requirements.

5. Are you going to continue to cooperate with us? In what format, in which specific areas?

We are and will be. Our next big thing is website development for our software.

6. Did you think that working with us was expensive? Did it pay off?

In general, your services are not cheap. Especially the budget for a new website to promote our software seemed quite big.Anyway, the cost of website development paid off as an investment in brand promotion, although we did’nt plan to pay as much for a promo-website.

7. How do you assess the professionalism of our team?

The professionalism of the team as a whole is high.

Andrew Butko

Andrew Butko

— Сo-founder of the Technolex-translations

Reviewed by Andrei Butenko about Evergreen 7

Yuri Bakay

— MindCruncher, founder

Only when I started to work with Evergreen I realized that I finally found a team I’m happy with. I‘m happy to say that my search for a team of designers/developers is over, I already took a second project to Evergreen and will bring more when I have them.

Reviewed by Andrei Butenko about Evergreen 9

Natalia Izdebsky and Piotr Izdebsky

— Headmaster Oratio Polish language School and director SEKA Ukraine.

There was a previous experience, looking for a studio that can clearly and professionally to get to work and produce results. A lot of studios that promise, they say, but who can not be trusted. You liked his approach. Punctuality, everything as promised in all the time. We breathed freely. We started to think about business, not about the site.

Reviewed by Andrei Butenko about Evergreen 11

Aleksandr Volodarsky

— CEO Coding Ninjas

Evergreens is a very strong team with deep understanding of technology and work processes. They showed good customer service and delivered high-quality work within short deadlines.

Reviewed by Andrei Butenko about Evergreen 12

Sergey Sytchiov

— Director of the Art Center Vinyl

We are pleased with the result of working with Evergreen and are willing to recommend your team to their friends and colleagues. We plan to continue our mutually beneficial cooperation!

Reviewed by Andrei Butenko about Evergreen 14

Otari Arutiunian

— Managing Partner, Volta Digital Agenсy

Great team. Work quickly, accurately perform tasks and offer alternative solutions. We have completed two projects together and we are satisfied with the result. Confidently and authoritatively recommend

Reviewed by Andrei Butenko about Evergreen 15

Timothy Kramarev

— Project Manager, Yammer

The professionalism of your team is that you do not just do the tasks, but also offer the option of how to do them better.

Reviewed by Andrei Butenko about Evergreen 17

Yulia Yegorova-Gigon

— Directrice of company Doltec

It was a pleasure to work with you to create our corporate website. You reactive and professional staff.