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Travel portal is a website on which tourists can book holidays in their country and abroad: purchase air, bus, train tickets, package tours, book hotels, rent a car and book a transfer.

First Step of the Travel Portal Design Creation

To create the design of a travel portal, first of all, we need to understand what users want. Usually, their need is to quickly and conveniently organize their trip on vacation or just for the weekend. Therefore, the right answer to the question: "What are users looking for?" should be in the first place when creating the design of a travel portal.

To create a high-quality travel portal, we design a prototype that displays all the essential structuring units. That units allow users to choose what they need: accommodation (affordable, comfortable, with a convenient location), tickets and transfers, package tours, or additional opportunities that you can get on the travel portal.

As we remember the goal to make the portal not only beautiful and modern but also understandable, we use proven psychological patterns. When working with the design of a travel portal, it is extremely important to give users the most complete information and the feeling that they have already purchased a service (already resting in this interior, already flying this flight, already eating in this restaurant) so that they do not want to let this opportunity out of their hands.


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Trends and Tendencies in Travel Portals Design

For many years, we at Evergreen have been creating different types of design. Our experience shows that compliance with design trends and even forecasting the new ones makes the interface modern and relevant for many years to come. The modern appearance of your resource is no less important than the tool logic and structure. Please, read about the trends in the design of modern interfaces in our article.

What Is Travel Portal Design?

UX/UI design of a travel portal is the process of creating the logic and structure of a resource for package tourists and independent travelers.

Convenient User-Flow

UX design includes not only thoughtful user-flow with already well-known functionality (search by hints, a filter for selecting a tour, a map for natural orientation). Also, the creation of UX design for a travel portal includes thinking through and creating the opportunities, new for the market, and useful for you. Such as the ability to scan a passport for a convenient reservation of tickets, hotel, car, travel insurance, etc.

More Functions

We think over how to make your resource the first, among others, already on the stage of UX design creating. After all, convenience in UX is more than just an understandable way to place an order. The UX also includes the functionality, which every year becomes more and more essential, and you need to implement it in your resource in proper time to keep up with the times. For example, the ability to integrate the portal with other services (for the purchase of airline tickets, hotel reservations).

Design that Sells Dreams

The high-quality UI design of the travel portal makes the user feel that booking a trip is more comfortable than he thought. And the trip itself and the best vacation in his life are almost in his hands. The design motivates the user to spend enough time on the portal, to understand what he needs and be ready to make a purchase.


The costs of travel portal design depend on various factors. That is why we calculate it individually. The final sum directly depends on the number of services that the user can purchase on your platform, as well as on the other functions that the portal should perform.

We also take into account the possible load on the system, weight of its photos and videos (pictures and videos play a significant role in choosing a vacation spot), how many users it must withstand, various bonuses and loyalty programs it should offer. You can read about our approach to assessing the value of any project in this article.

To give a rough estimate of the work, we set up a personal meeting. During this meeting, we discuss your business idea, specify what exactly you want to do, and offer a decision on how to achieve this in the best and most effective way. Want to create a travel portal that will outshine competitors and make users fall in love with it? Please write or call us.

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