Web AR: Augmented Reality for Web Browser

Turn your website into an interactive, immersive portal by adding an Augmented Reality experience that can be accessed via the web on any device. Increase brand awareness, customer engagement, and promote your business in a novelty way. Web AR Solutions for Business 7

Considering the latest advancements in AR web development and mobile device capabilities, users can now access all the famous features of Augmented Reality through a QR-code or website link. No apps, no headache for both customers and businesses.

What Are The Use Cases of Web AR in Business?

E-Commerce & Retail

Augmented reality web sites allow merchants to demonstrate their products to customers in real-time, enriched with a 360-degree view, zoom-in for more details. Help your shoppers get a more realistic sense of the size, scale, and details of your product.

AR Development for Real Estate

Use Web AR to create augmented reality web portals and virtual room tours in 3D, allowing potential tenants or buyers to visit your property before actually traveling there. And everything on your smartphone or tablet screen!

Marketing & Advertising

Create AR-powered marketing campaigns and remote product launches through a web interface. Use mini-games, AR product packaging, and add AR to your brand media to give shoppers a new way to experience your products and evoke emotions.


Create web-based augmented reality to provide high-end solutions for training and education. Help patients to describe their symptoms better (e.g., by using AR and camera to simulate the impacts of specific conditions on a person's vision), assist doctors and nurses in their daily diagnostics rounds.

AR for Web in Tourism

Location-based AR is a perfect pick for indoor and outdoor navigation, engaging tour guides (especially when traveling to an old city or historic sites), hiking and camping, museum tours, and more. All of the above can be accessed using a camera viewfinder and Web AR.

...and this list can be continued endlessly!

How Does Web-Based Augmented Reality Work?

Web AR is a visual technology that provides a fantastic interactive experience of a real-world environment. Instead of tiring you out with technical details, we'll show you some inspiring Web AR examples that can create a WOW effect for your clients.


Additionally, you can check out the following presentation. And to learn more about the technology and capabilities of Web AR, please visit our blog.

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