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A financial portal is a website containing relevant business and financial information. News related to quotes, exchange rates, changes in the banking system, and the entire financial sector, are placed and regularly updated there. This platform also contains almost all kinds of financial reports that are important for entrepreneurs.

While creating the financial portal design, we are aware that its visitors are people who value their time. Therefore, the ease of finding information and its readability must come first. We pay special attention to structuring the resource itself and the logic of the user journey: should default on the download page display the exchange rate. This also includes the answers to how many columns containing what information should be on the main page, how easily users can find the remaining sections?

To create a high-quality financial portal, we design a high-fidelity prototype that displays all the necessary functions and the user journey across the resource. Then we conduct testing to determine the most effective option and work it through to the utmost. When working with the financial portal design, it is vital to find the smallest mistakes and eliminate them. 

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What Is a Financial Portal Design?

UX/UI design of a financial portal means creating resource architecture for posting relevant business information.


We know that in the ideal case, a busy person interacts with a financial portal as “comes, finds, understands, uses”. Therefore, the UX design of such resources focuses on searching the necessary section among the masses of disparate and essential relevant information as quick and comfortable as possible.

Convenient Navigation

A good UX will provide convenient navigation between sections so that everyone can find the necessary information about the exchange rates and news of the financial world in a few seconds, e.g., where to invest, what are today’s stock quotes, what is happening with cryptocurrency, etc.

Design Compliance

The UI of a financial portal is not so much a matter of beauty as of clarity and relevance. It is essential to think carefully about how each element should look so that the user understands and remembers within seconds why it is needed, how it works, whether it is clickable or not. A good UI will allow users to save time and nerve cells, for which they will thank you.

The cost of a financial portal design depends on many factors, so we always calculate it individually. The final cost directly depends on the amount of data that needs to be placed on the platform, as well as on the occurrence of requests, for example, on their automatic round-the-clock updates, etc.

We also take into account the possible system load, how many users it must handle at the same time, whether there should be personal accounts, and which functions should be available within them (you might want to turn a financial portal into a platform for launching startups and finding investors – who knows?). You can read more about how we evaluate the project cost in this article.

Before discussing the estimated development cost, we set up a personal introductory meeting. At this meeting, there is the time for personal acquaintance, discussions of a business idea, its primary and secondary components, and various finer points. Do you need a financial portal for your dreams? Send us a message.

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