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Car Portal Design Examples

While creating a car portal design, we understand what users need in the first place, and they want to find a car to their liking as quickly as possible and check its technical characteristics, mileage, history, whether it has been in an accident, etc. Therefore, our number one concern during a design creation is the distribution of semantic blocks on your future portal and the convenience of car search, according to the characteristics that the prospective buyer is most interested in.

To create a high-quality car/automotive portal, we design a prototype that displays all the essential structure blocks, mindful of the fact that the portal must be made not only beautiful and modern but also understandable. When working with the design of an automotive portal, it is crucial to give users the complete information, because when it comes to expensive purchases, such as cars, every design flaw can mean a lost customer. 

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Car and Automotive Portal Design Trends

We have been creating designs at Evergreen for many years already. Our experience shows that a feel for current trends and even forecasting new tendencies in design makes the interface modern and relevant for many years to come. A modern appearance of your resource is no less important than the tool’s logic and structure. Read about the trends in the modern interface design in our article



What Is a Car Portal Design?

UX/UI design of a car portal is an effective way to organize a platform for searching and buying cars.

Necessary Information

The UX design of an automotive portal includes the creation of the entire chain of logical interactions and semantic blocks required to perform the necessary actions: studying the history and technical characteristics of the car for renting, buying, selling, re-registering and a dozen more possible services related to the automobile business.

Understanding the Audience

UX design creation requires that we have a clear understanding of the audience to give it exactly what it needs. By creating a thoughtful and logical structure of the resource, we can provide it with capabilities that your competitors do not have. For example, by integrating modern systems for checking the history of cars, penal fines, and other essential data, and all this on one convenient platform.

Users’ Trust

High-quality UI design allows you to make the process of selecting and purchasing a car convenient, enjoyable, and modern. Such design decisions inspire confidence in your resources among users and also help to exceed their expectations. When a refined design enhances the function of storing the car characteristics or suggesting additional options, the user will want to return to your resource again and again.

The cost of designing a car portal depends on many factors, so we always calculate it individually. The final cost directly depends on the number of structure blocks that need to be placed on the platform, as well as on additional functions that the portal must perform.

We also take into account the possible system load, how heavy it may become because of the photos and videos (and the key feature is that pictures and videos play a large part in choosing a car). We also take into consideration how many users it must handle at the same time, whether there should be personal accounts, and what functions should be available within them. You can read more about our approach in estimating the project cost in this article.

Before discussing the estimated development cost, we set up an introductory meeting. This meeting is the time for personal acquaintance, discussions on a business idea, its primary and secondary components, and various nuances. Do you want a car portal that will generate profit? Send us a message.

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