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Precision farming, crop forecasting system, asset management, transport monitoring systems, etc. are essential parts of the farm management system. Work more accessible and more productive with user-friendly, coherent, and easy to navigate farm management software.

An Example of the Farm Management Software Design

Creating a design, we do our best to meet the requirements of all the parties concerned with the product. 

We strive after creating an efficient, safe, and modern product for the customer as well as a technologically convenient resource with all the desired information and visually appealing content for the user. That is why we meticulously design and test each step of the user’s interaction.

You can find an example of the detailed farm management software design below.

An example of farm management software design

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For many years, we in Evergreen have been creating designs for different systems. Our experience shows that keeping up with trends or even foreseeing new tendencies in design makes interface modern and up-to-date for many years in advance. The contemporary look of your resource is no least important than the tool logic and the structure. The latest tendencies in the interface design are described in our article, and below there are a few examples of modern UI trends for the farm management software.


What Is Farm Management Software Design?

UX/UI farm management software design is a process of architecture and interface creation for farm management systems

Working with farm management software requires mostly a big screen to display and arrange lots of information. That is why UX for such systems is usually designed for PC.

In some cases though, for the ‘field job’ for example, there is a need for a mobile version. The functionality of such versions will be cut, and the architecture simplified.

Density of content

Because of numerous data that need to be combined on one platform, systems of this kind accumulate lots of content. Creating an interface for farm management software, we need to structure the content blocks and arrange the workspace in a way that will make it easy for the user to find the information they need.


One of the main features of the UX design for farm management systems is complex navigation, which requires careful content analysis to outline structure blocks and to set preferences and priorities. The principal tasks for the designer are to help the user avoid misreading map data and infographics, which may affect such important issues as, for example, crop and influence the whole sphere in general.

Illustrative elements

UI software design for agricultural business should be developed considering work with numerous maps and illustrations that will be updated continuously. It is necessary to think about the ease perception and to use illustrative design elements to reach the required effect.

Successful UX/UI design starts with the prototype. It is a thoroughly thought through and tested prototype that is the guaranty of your farm management software’s productivity. The prototype is a layout of your future interface. To learn more about its creation, read our article. Below there are several examples of our prototypes.

Design costs depend on various factors. That is why we calculate it individually. Developing a Farm Management Systems design, we pay particular attention to UX development. We also create prototypes and run tests to make sure all the information is arranged into logical and understandable structures. It is also essential that the system allows integrating maps, infographic, and updatable satellite data. The cost of such a project will depend on the complexity of the system’s architecture and the amount of data needed for the system’s efficient performance.

Before counting the project cost, we collect primary user stories and discuss the project’s business idea with the customer. More about our approach to price estimating you can read in this article

Tell us about your project, its scale, and your goals, and we will be glad to calculate the price for you. Feel free to contact us.

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